Ethiopian Grade 8 Biology TextBook [PDF] Download

Students can download the Ethiopian Student Grade 8 Biology TextBook in PDF file 2020. The Ethiopian Ministry of education provides the Grade 8 Biology TextBook for students and teachers. Therefore candidates can download this book and make a better biology examination preparation.

Ethiopian Grade 8 Biology TextBook [PDF] Download for teachers and students

Grade 8 Biology TextBook

  • Unit 1: Biology and Technology
    1.1 Biology for development
    1.2 Technological products used in biology
  • Unit 2: Cell Biology
    2.1 Looking at unicellular organisms
    2.2 Single-celled organisms
    2.3 levels of organization in multi-cellular organisms
  • Unit 3: Human Biology and Health
    3.1 The reproductive system
    3.2 HIV and AIDS
  • Unit 4: Plants
    4.1 Food manufacture in green plants
    4.2 Growing trees
  • Unit 5: Animals
    5.1 Keeping farm animals
  • Unit 6: Environment
    6.1 Ecosystem
    6.2 Biological associations
    6.3 physical factors of the ecosystem

Grade 8 Biology Teacher TextBook

Unit 1: Biology and technology (7 periods)
 explain biology’s contribution to development.
 explain the role of technology in biology, list some technological products used in biology and tell the functions of these technological products.

Unit 2: Cell Biology (23 periods)
 use hand lenses and microscopes to observe unicellular organisms and name some unicellular organisms.
 describe the structure, habitat, locomotion, nutrition, reproduction, and importance of some unicellular organisms.
 name different types of cells, tissues, organs, and systems and state their functions.
 describe the organism as the highest level of organization.

Unit 3: Human biology and health (24 periods)
 state the primary and secondary sexual characteristics of males and females, label the reproductive structures and give their functions.
 explain the menstrual cycle and the cares that girls should take before and during menstruation.

Unit 4: Plants (17 periods)
 define photosynthesis, explain its light and dark phases and give a summary equation of photosynthesis.
 conduct a simple experiment to confirm that plants produce food by photosynthesis.

Unit 5: Animals (13 periods)
 explain the importance of caring for farm animals, list down their products, and state the methods of preparing and storing food and sheltering for farm animals.
 compare the ruminant stomach with the human stomach and explain why farm animals regurgitate.

Unit 6: Environment (18 periods)
 define an ecosystem, give examples of ecosystems, distinguish between them, and explain the adaptations of plants and animals to each ecosystem.
 list some types of biological association, explain them and give examples of organisms for each type.

Ethiopian Grade 8 Biology TextBook [PDF] Download

Country Ethiopia
Publisher MoE, Ethiopia
Class Grade 8
Subject Biology
Type Syllabus
Purpose Teacher’s Guide Book
Date of Uploaded June 15, 2017
Last Updated June 15, 2017
Syllabus Version 1.0
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