Ethiopian Grade 8 TextBook [PDF] Download

The Ethiopian Ministry of Education provides Grade 8 students TextBook in PDF file for download. However, teachers and students must download the guide books for better examination purposes. In addition, students from various public and private schools may follow these textbooks.

Ethiopian Grade 8 TextBook [PDF] Download

Grade 8 TextBook

The new Curriculum Framework for Ethiopian primary level (Grade 1 to Grade 8), consists of the following major parts: the vision, principles of curriculum, key competencies, overarching issues, re-primary education curriculum, primary education curriculum, and assessment and promotion.

Ethiopian Grade 8 TextBook [PDF] Download

Subjects offered at the grade 8 level based on the areas are broad groupings of knowledge and skills. In grade 8 there are five such areas: aesthetics, languages, mathematics, natural sciences, and social sciences.

  1. Civics and Ethical Education
  2. Mother Tongue
  3. Visual Arts and Music
  4. Amharic
  5. Physical Education
  6. English
  7. Mathematics
  8. Social Studies
  9. Biology
  10. Chemistry
  11. Physics

Structure of Grade 8 Curriculum

There is a general belief that an educated person should develop the following knowledge and skills.

  • – Language skills including
     literacy in the mother tongue as a minimum, because it is generally accepted that children acquire literacy easily if literacy is based on their mother tongue.
     knowledge of a federal working language and an international language.
  • Mathematical knowledge
  • Scientific and technical knowledge and skills that can often be linked to work, training and earning a living
  • Self-knowledge and self-understanding that is main knowledge, which enables people to operate effectively within their society
  • Knowledge about, people and one’s society
  • Knowledge and skills related to one’s physical well-being
  • Cultural knowledge-including the arts, music, dance, etc.
  • Health and environmental education
  • Civic and ethical values

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