Ethiopian Grade 5 Mathematics TextBook [Download PDF]

Ethiopian Grade 5 Mathematics TextBook [Download PDF]: You can download the Grade 5 Mathematics TextBook for free and valid for any School in Ethiopia. The redesign, printing and distribution of this student textbook have been funded through the General Education Quality Improvement Project (GEQIP), which aims to improve the quality of education for Grades 5 students in government schools throughout Ethiopia.

This Ethiopian Grade 5 Mathematics TextBook Author and Editor: Abera Temesgen (B.SC.) B.Janaki Mohan (M.A) Evaluators: Abdella Mohe Meneberu Kebede.

Ethiopian Grade 5 Mathematics TextBook [Download PDF]

Ethiopian Grade 5 Mathematics TextBook

Unit 1: Whole Numbers And The Four Operations

  • 1.1 Whole Numbers Greater than
  • 1.2 Operation on Whole Numbers

Unit 2: Working With Variables

  • 2.1 Algebraic Terms and Expression
  • 2.2 Equations and Inequalities
  • Unit SUMMARY
  • Review EXercise

Unit 3: Fractions. Decimals And The Four Operations

  • 3.1 Types of Fractions
  • 3.2 Percentage as Fractions
  • 3.3. Comparison and Ordering of Fractions
  • 3.4 Operations on Fractions
  • 3.5 Operations on Decimals

Unit 4: Data Handling

  • 4.1. Further on Construction and Interpretation of Bar Graphs.
  • 4.2. The Average of Numbers
  • Review Exercise

Unit 5: Geometric Figures And Measurement

  • 5.1. Lines.
  • 5.2. Angles and Measurement of Angles
  • 5.3. Classification of Triangles
  • 5.4. Lines of SYyMmMetry
  • 5.5. Measurement
    Review Exercise

Download Ethiopian Grade 5 Mathematics Textbook PDF

Unit Outcomes: After completing this unit, you should be able to: * realize the use of variables in Mathematics. ¢ understand Mathematical terms, expressions and simplification of expressions. « identify equations and inequalities and determine their value by substitution. –

Country Ethiopia
Publisher MoE, Ethiopia
Class Grade 5
Subject Mathematics Textbook
Type Textbook
Purpose Student Text Book
Date of Uploaded June 15, 2021
Total UNIT 5
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