Ethiopian Grade 9 Textbook For Students [PDF Download]

Ethiopian Grade 9 Textbook For Students [PDF Download]: These books are based on the new curriculum framework for Ethiopian education. It is provided by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Education.

In Ethiopia, grade 9 comes secondary education. Secondary Education consists of 2 years of the cycle. The goal of the first cycle (Grade 9) of secondary education is to provide general education that will enable the students to identify their needs, interests, and potential so that they can choose their field of study.

Ethiopian Grade 9 Textbook For Students

Ethiopian Grade 9 Textbook For Students

The list of the following subjects is being taught in Grade 9. We have finally found all the textbooks for Ethiopian students. Teachers, students, and parents can use the book to study each subject in grade 9.

  1. English textbook
  2. Amharic textbook
  3. Mathematics textbook
  4. Information Technology (ICT) textbook
  5. Civics & Ethical Education textbook
  6. Biology textbook
  7. Chemistry textbook
  8. Physics textbook
  9. Geography textbook
  10. History textbook
  11. Physical Education textbook

Why these textbooks are important for students?

Students will begin learning ICT in Grade 9, and continue acquiring skills and understanding how to apply these skills in Grade 10.

In Grade 9, students will study the components and characteristics of atoms. They will gain a historical perspective, recognising that much convection that is in use today has been based on the work of previous scientists. This provides them with an important insight into the nature of science.