Ethiopian Grade 9 Biology Textbook For Students [Download PDF]

Ethiopian Grade 9 Biology Textbook For Students [Download PDF]: This student textbook is for all schools in Ethiopia. It is provided by the MoE Ethiopia for Free. The textbook is designed based on the new Curriculum Framework for Ethiopian Education.

Any teachers, parents, and students can read this textbook for academic purposes. It allows students to appreciate the harmony, contrast, and beauty of nature around them. This Biology textbook for grades 9 is built upon the new curriculum framework for Ethiopian schools and on the needs assessment conducted prior to revision work.

Ethiopian Grade 9 Biology Student Textbook

Ethiopian Grade 9 Biology Student Textbook

The Biology content of Grades 9 and 10 is, in part, an expanded and deeper look into topics met in Grades 7 and 8 with other new topics also. For a large number of the students, who go on with the subject in Grades 11 and 12, this is a transitional phase towards the continuation of their studies.

Unit 1: Biology and Technology

  • 1.1 Renowned Ethiopian biologists
  • 1.2 Some Ethiopian institutions that are involved in biological research

Unit 2: Cell Biology 2.1 The microscope

  • 2.2 The Cell
  • 2.3 The cell and its environment

Unit 3: Human Biology and Health

  • 3.1 Food and nutrition
  • 3.2 The digestive system
  • 3.3 Respiratory system
  • 3.4 Cellular respiration (basic principles)
  • 3.5 The circulatory system

Unit 4: Micro-organisms and Diseases 

  • 4.1 Micro-organisms
  • 4.2 Diseases
  • 4.3 HIV and AIDS

Unit 5: Classification

  • 5.1 Principles of classification
  • 5.2 The five kingdoms

Unit 6: Environment

  • 6.1 Ecosystem
  • 6.2 Food relationships
  • 6.3 Recycling in nature
  • 6.4 Adaptations
  • 6.5 Tree growing project

Download Ethiopian Grade 9 Biology Textbook [PDF]

After completing the grade 9 Biology Textbook, the students will be able to demonstrate interest and appreciation of the relationships between biology, technology, society, and the environment.

Country Ethiopia
Publisher MoE, Ethiopia
Class Grade 9
Subject Grade 9 Biology
Type TextBook
Group General System
Total Units 6
Total Pages 54
TextBook Version 1.0
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