Ethiopian Grade 9 Geography Textbook for Student [PDF]

Ethiopian Grade 9 Geography Textbook for Student [PDF]: This book is provided by MoE Ethiopia free for all schools. Teachers, parents, and students can easily download it.

Nowadays, geography has two main branches of study – physical and human. The most important tools that geographers use are maps. Like the science of geography itself, maps have evolved over the centuries. They have changed from simple sketches to complex representations such as spatial data compilations, which you will study in later grades.

Ethiopian Grade 9 Geography Student Textbook PDF

Ethiopian Grade 9 Geography Student Textbook

Geography, as a branch of knowledge, has been defined by different people. The ancient Greeks and Romans defined it as the description of the earth. The Germans in the 18th century defined it as a science that deals with the relationship between people and their environment. In the mid 20th century, it became a spatial science dealing with the arrangement and distribution of things and phenomena over the surface of the earth.

Unit 1: The Concept Of Geography And Map-reading

  • 1.1 Introduction To The Concept Of Geography
  • 1.2 Introduction To The Concept Of Map Reading

Unit 2: Physical Environment Of The World And Ethiopia

  • 2.1 Forces That Change The Surface Of The Earth
  • 2.2 Weather And Climate
  • 2.3 Natural Regions Of The Earth
  • 2.4 Ecosystem
  • 2.5 Villagization Of The World Through Distance Time Decay

Unit 3: Human Population And Economic Activities 

  • 3.1 Concept And Facts About Human Population
  • 3.2 Economic Activities
  • 3.3 Natural Resources

Unit 4: Public And Policy Related Issues In Ethiopia

  • 4.1 HIV/AIDS
  • 4.2 Environmental Policy
  • 4.3 Economic Policy Of Ethiopia

Download Ethiopian Grade 9 Geography textbook PDF

After completing the Grade 9 Geography textbook students at the end of the Secondary School First cycle (9 and 10), Students have a general knowledge of geography that enables them to understand their natural and social environment.

Country Ethiopia
Publisher MoE, Ethiopia
Class Grade 9
Subject Grade 9 Geography
Type TextBook
Group General System
Total Units 4
Total Pages 214
TextBook Version 1.0
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