Ethiopian Grade 9 ICT Textbook [PDF] For Students

Ethiopian Grade 9 ICT Textbook [PDF] For Students. To cope up with technology the MoE Ethiopia introduces the Information Communications Technology (ICT) subject in Grade 9.

In grade 9 the students will briefly cover the development of computers and communications technology. Then they will study three areas in greater depth: desktop publishing, database application, and finally networks and communications. By the end of grade 9 students will be able to use a desktop publishing package effectively to produce a variety of documents such as brochures, visiting cards, and newsletters.

Ethiopian Grade 9 ICT Student Textbook PDF

Ethiopian Grade 9 ICT Student Textbook

In the long term, the students entering grade 9 will have good practical IT skills. They will be familiar with the major facilities of the most widely used applications and be able to decide which application to use to fit a certain purpose.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is so important in the world today that it makes it imperative for every person to be competent in the use of ICT for the many tasks that one will have to accomplish. This book is written to provide the basic skills in ICT for Grade 9 students of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Unit 1: Introduction to ICT

  • 1.1 Overview of ICT
  • 1.2 Generation of Computers
  • 1.3 Types of Computers
  • 1.4 Introduction to Data Representation
  • 1.5 Computer System
    Review Questions

Unit 2: Application Software

  • 2.1 Word Processor
  • 2.2 Presentation Software and Techniques
    Review Questions

Unit 3: Information and Computer Security

  • 3.1 Information and Computer Security
    Review Questions

Unit 4: Application Software

  • 4.1 Spreadsheets
    Review Questions

Unit 5: Using the Internet

  • 5.1 Using Internet
  • 5.2 Using E-mail
    Review Questions

Unit 6: Control and Learning with Logo

  • 6.1 Control and Learning with Logo
    Review Questions

Download Ethiopian Grade 9 ICT Textbook [PDF]

After completion of the ICT Textbook will help the students to understand the development of computers and communication technology, develop interest, and use ICT for learning in other subjects, understand information and computer security, etc.

Country Ethiopia
Publisher MoE, Ethiopia
Class Grade 9
Subject Grade 9 ICT
Type TextBook
Group General System
Total Units 6
Total Pages 142
TextBook Version 1.0
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