Ethiopian Grade 9 Amharic Textbook For Students [PDF Download]

Ethiopian Grade 9 Amharic Textbook For Students [PDF Download]: This book is based on the new curriculum framework for Ethiopian schools. Students can download it for free.

Amharic is one of the Ethiopian Semitic languages: Therefore this has been retained in the educational system from pre-primary to higher education. The Amharic language is vital for the economic development of Ethiopia. Therefore the MoE Ethiopia considered this subject as a secondary language in Grade 10. It is also the medium of instruction for primary in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Grade 9 Amharic Student Textbook

Ethiopian Grade 9 Amharic Student Textbook

The Amharic Student Textbook, there are a total of 15 units. At the end of each unit, there will also be four revision units. These units will provide teachers and students with opportunities to recycle language and skills and assess competencies.

In these units, there are a variety of activities across the skills and integrated tasks to practice and assess what has been learned in previous units. All of the Grade 9 Amharic Textbook activities are enjoyable and engaging more for the students. In the exercise section, there are a couple of examples of national test types such as multiple-choice questions.

Download Ethiopian Grade 9 Amharic Textbook [PDF]

The content of the Amharic Textbook is relevant to all students whether they are leaving school after grade 10, continuing to grades 11 and 12, or moving into the vocational stream.

Country Ethiopia
Publisher MoE, Ethiopia
Class Grade 9
Subject Grade 9 Amharic
Type TextBook
Group General System
Total Units 15
Total Pages 160
TextBook Version 1.0
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