Wollega University Ethiopia 2020

Wollega University is one of the 2nd generation federal University in Ethiopia currently rank #31 across the country. Wollega University (WU), also known as Nekemte University, is a university in Nekemte, a town in the Western Oromia Region of Ethiopia. Currently, the Wollega University offers Under Graduate programs.

Wollega University

Wollega University

Features University Logo
  • Wollega University: WUNI
  • Type: Federal
  • Location: Nekemte (Located in the East Welega Zone of the Oromia Region)
  • Established in 2007
  • President: Dr. Eba Mijena
  • Total Students:3980
  • Language: English
  • Admission mode: Offline
  • Distance Education: N/A
  • Total Colleges: N/A
  • Total Undergraduate courses: 32
  • Total Master degree courses: 0
  • Total Campuses: 03
  • Website: www.wuni.edu.et
Wollega University logo


Wollega University operates 03 Colleges and 1 Institutes Science, Technology and Arts Research (STAR). WUNI offers approx 32 undergraduate programs, 0 Masters programs, and 0 PhD programs. In March 2018, the student population was 3980.


The University has three campuses, Wollega University Nekemte Campus (Main Campus) located in East Wollega Zone, Gimbi Campus (College of Social Sciences, Natural & Environmental Sciences) located in West Wollega Zone, and Shambu Campus (College of Agricultural Sciences) located in Horro Guduru Wollega Zone.

Admission Requirements

In general, the Registration for senior and new students of Wollega University started in September. Admission to the various Graduate Program: a candidate who has passed Grade 12 Exam successfully may apply for the graduate courses.

Sponsorship letter

The school of graduate studies of Wollega University publishes the Letter of Sponsorship for Admission to Graduate Study. Many organization Sponsors to their employees for further studies. Any institute or organization body must download the Sponsorship letter format in PDF for the admission application process.

Student Result

Wollega University published year wise and semester wise examination results for new and old students. However, students can check their result by collecting from the University office. Students must be paid their due fees before collecting their grade report.

In addition, Wollega University does not have any online student information system, therefore students can not check the grade result on the web.

Grade Report

As a matter of fact, Wollega University has its own grading system to represent their score in final examination result. Students can get the representation of the details from the University handbook or prospectus.

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  1. Wollega university is situated in good atmospher,fertile land,education seeker generation but where mind of changing the community toward dev,t is left behind and every things becoming political,changing all these potentials toward dev,t is expected.

  2. Hi Sir,
    Everything is ok with my University concerning engagements in learning, research and community services. But keeping the previous rank (1st) from the second generation is a must, rather the University should strive to bring its status to the 1st generation Universities. My second issue is concerning “Horro breed Cattle and Sheep” patent right registration. You know the case of Ethiopian ‘tef’, that Netherlands has ruled two Dutch patents for processing teff. After this thing was happened, the Ethiopian Government take the issue to the Court in The Hague, but the conflict about the Dutch patents has now ended with the verdict of the District Court in The Hague and patents are invalid. Such type problem raised because of negligence to have a patent right for all the endogenous resources of the country. This problem may also happen with the other endogenous genetic resources of the country. Remember also about ‘Anchote’ (Coccinia abyssinica), a unique specific root crop to Wollega. The other thing what I want to remined is, I want to see WU’s Senate Legislation as to other Ethiopian Universities, which are open to read online, even to download it. Thank in advance to take this issues to WU Senate.

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