Semera University

Samara University is a newly established pioneer academic institution located in Ethiopia specifically situated at “Samara” town which is the regional capital of the Afar National Regional State.  Samara University has got seven faculties each one dealing with diverse fields of study which are mostly established based on their importance to the development of the region and the Afar community.

Semera University

Samara University’s motto “We serve the Community!” extends to all levels of the university, including the leadership.  Samara University is accessible and responsive to inquiries and exchanges with all sectors of the campus community.

Features University Logo
  • Semera University: SU
  • Type: Public
  • Location: Hosanna town, Ethiopia
  • Established in 2007
  • President: Adem Borri Ondakie
  • Total Students: 7700
  • Language: English
  • Admission mode: Offline
  • Distance Education: N/A
  • Total Colleges: 7
  • Departments: 12
  • Facilities: 03
  • Total Campuses: 01
  • Website:
Semera University


Samara University (SU), Ethiopia, is a government higher education institution located in the small town of Semera, Afar Region.

Course Offered

The university has launched various new programmes that include, among others, Afar Language and Literature, Agri-business and Value Chain Management, Civics and Ethical Studies, Chemical Engineering(Sugar Technology), Sugar Cane Agronomy(with first-time graduates this year), Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil engineering. In a similar vein, the university is making preparations to open the department of Arabic Language, Railway Operations Management and Port Service Management that will be momentous for the development of our country and beyond.

  1. Department of Management
  2. Department of Economics
  3. Department of Accounting

College of Dry land Agriculture

  1. Department of animal science
  2. Department of Horticulture
  3. Department of Natural resource management
  4. Department of Plant Science (with Special focus on Sugarcane agronomy)

College of Medical and Health sciences

  1. Department of Clinical Nursing

College of Veterinary Medicine

  1. Department of Veterinary Medicine

College of Engineering And Technology

  1. Department of  Computer Science
  2. Department of Chemical Engineering (with special focus on sugar technology)

Faculty of Natural and Computational science

  1. Department of  Biology
  2. Department of Chemistry
  3. Department of Physics
  4. Department of Mathematics
  5. Department of Geology/Earth Science

College of Social Science and Humanities

  1. Department of English Language And Literature
  2. Department of Ethiopian Language And Literature-Amharic
  3. Department of Sociology
  4. Department of History and Heritage Management
  5. Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
  6. Department of Anthropology

Student Result

Semera University published year wise and semester wise examination results for new and old students. However, students can check their result by collecting the grade report from the University office. Students must paid their due fees before collecting their grade report.

Registration Date

Samara University shall normally operate based on an academic calendar which is prepared by the office of the registrar and endorsed by the university senate.

Admission & Registration date for 1st year students Oct 18-19/2012 and Registration Date for 2nd  & 3rd  year students Oct 11-12/2012.

Registration for 2012 e.c new Post Graduate Extension students of Samara university is From ጥቅምት19-21/2012 E.c.