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Jigjiga University is one of the public higher institutions that was founded in March 2007, along with the Second-Generation universities in Ethiopia. The Jigjiga University Faculty of Law was formed in 2004 and planned to graduate its first batch graduates in July 2009. The faculty has an academic staff of over 25 and takes about 60 students each year in a regular program and over 500 summers in-service students.

The aim of JJI_J is conducting demand-driven research and communicating relevant research output, which are problem-solving and result oriented. Most of these researches focus on pastoral and agro-pastoral studies.

Jigjiga University

Currently, it has a total of 25,554 students studying in 57 various academic programs and 1321post-graduate students pursuing in 22 academic programs. These programs are operating under seven Colleges, three Schools, and three Institutes.

The research output communication is one strategic objective that focuses on the adoption and adaptation of locally relevant technology and transferring to the public and assessing the community awareness on cross-cutting issues. It is also engaging in publicizing different research and related works to the internal and external customers and stakeholders through various means, like media, seminars, symposiums, and intellectual forums.

Features University Logo
  • Jigjiga University, (JJU)
  • Type: Public
  • Location: Jigjiga, Ethiopia.
  • Established in 2007
  • President: Dr. Abdi Ahmed
  • Area size (in hectares): 350 hectares (main campus, excluding the Meles Zenawi Memorial Referral Hospital campus)
  • Built-up area (sq.mts): 2/3 of the entire campus land
  • Internet connection: The campus is entirely Wi-Fi enabled
  • No. of colleges: 8
  • No. of institutes: 1
  • No. of schools: 3
  • Students’ enrolment as of 2016/17 A/Y: 21, 379
  • Total staff residence units: 168
  • Total academic staffs on duty: 722
  • Total academic staffs on study leave: 274
  • Total administration staffs (non-teaching staff): 758
  • Undergraduate programs: 49 
  • Postgraduate programs: 11
  • Total Campuses: 1
  • Official Website: www.jju.edu.et
Jigjiga University, Ethiopia


It is located in the emerging town of Jigjiga the capital city of Ethiopian Somali regional state, 635 kilometers away from Addis Ababa. Jijiga (Amharic: ጂጂጋ; Somali: Jigjiga) is a city in the Somali Region of Ethiopia.


JJU is, now, moreover an owner of a Referral Hospital; a modern hospital giving inpatient, outpatient and emergency services for a catchment area of seven million people. This breadth of responsibilities means that within this driven and forward-thinking institution, JJU staff and students maintain a strong sense of community and nationality.


The University has one main library and four branch libraries with a wide variety of study spaces in all branches with a total sit capacity of 2,000 users at a time. The libraries have a total collection of more than 100,000 books and 170 librarians.


  • 7273 male, and 3567 female ( a total of 10840) students in Undergraduate Regular Programs.
  • 3658 male, and 1249 female (a total of 5041) students in Undergraduate Extension Programs.
  • 4174 male and 910 female (a total of 5084) students in summer programs.
  • 380 male and 34 female (a total of 414) students in Postgraduate programs.

Distance Education

  • The Continuing and Distance Education Program (CDEP) office is working to expand its weekend programs to a neighboring country, Somaliland, Hargeisa City in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the coming Academic Year. Furthermore, the office of CDEP will start a distance education program in Warder, Gode, and Filtu in seven departments.

Contacts and Address

Registrar Office
School of Law #Building No: OB24
JigJiga,Somali Region of Ethiopia
Registrar Tel: 0913333325 Email: regi@jju.edu.et
Deputy Director Tel: 910436121
Corporate Communication Office & IR
New Management Building , Floor No : 02
Jigjiga University,Ethiopia
E-mail: info@jju.edu.et , tomohay51@gmail.com
Tel: +251 915330781
ICT Directorate
School of Law #Building No: OB24
Jigjiga University,Ethiopia
E-mail: jemalayderus123@jju.edu.et
Tel: +251 915051427
Website: jju.edu.et
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