Ethiopian Grade 7 Chemistry Textbook [PDF]

Ethiopian Grade 7 Chemistry Textbook [PDF]. The Grade 7 Chemistry Student Textbook is provided by the Ethiopian Ministry Of Education (MOE) for free. According to the new Curriculum Framework for primary education (Grades 7), the Ethiopian Grade 7 Chemistry Textbook [PDF] has been prepared considering international best practices.

After completing this unit, you will be able to: explain what chemistry is and describe its essence; 9 describe the relationship between chemistry and other natural sciences; appreciate the application of chemistry in production; describe some common chemical industries in Ethiopia describe scientific inquiry skills along with this unit: observing, communicating, asking questions and making generalizations.

Ethiopian Grade 7 Chemistry Textbook

Ethiopian Grade 7 Chemistry Textbook [PDF]

Unit 1: Chemistry and its Importance

  • 1.1 Definition and Essence of Chemistry
  • 1.2 Relationship Between Chemistry and other Natural Sciences
  • 1.3 Role Played by Chemistry in Production and Society
  • 1.4 Some Common Chemical Industries in Ethiopia
  • Unit Review

Unit 2: Substances

  • 2.1 Properties Of Substances.
  • 2.2 Grouping Substances
  • 2.3 Changes Around Us
  • 2.4 Separation of Mixtures and its Application
  • Unit Review

Unit 3: The Language of Chemistry

  • 3.1 Symbols of Elements
  • 3.2 Chemical Formulas
  • 3.3 Qualitative and Quantitative Significance of Symbols and Formulas
  • 3.4 Simple Chemical Reactions and Equations
  • Unit Review

Unit 4: The Structure of Substances

  • 4.1 Historical development of the atomic nature of substances
  • 4.2 Atomic theory
  • 4.3 The structure of the atom
  • 4.4 Molecules
  • Unit Review

Unit 5: Periodic Classification of the Elements

  • 5.1 Historical Development of Periodic Classification of the Elements
  • 5.2 Mendeleev’s Periodic Classification
  • 5.3 Modern Periodic Table
  • 5.4 Importance of Modern Periodic Table.
  • Unit Review

Ethiopian Grade 7 Chemistry Textbook

Chemistry is an experimental science. It is mainly based on scientific laws that need observations and measurements. Therefore, to do a scientific study of substances, experiments should be done. Experiments are planned activities carried out using certain equipment, apparatus and chemicals.

Country Ethiopia
Publisher MoE, Ethiopia
Class Grade 7
Subject Chemistry
Type TextBook
Group Social Sciences TextBooks
Total Units 08
Total Pages 285
TextBook Version 1.0
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