Ethiopia Grade 7 Civics and Ethical Education textbook

Ethiopia Grade 7 Civics Textbook (For Students) PDF. The Civics and Ethical Education textbook provided by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Education for free to improve the quality of education in Primary education.

The politics of Ethiopia are the activities associated with the governance of Ethiopia. The government is structured as a federal parliamentary republic with both a President and Prime Minister. The Ethiopia Grade 7 Civics Textbook discusses related government, political system, laws, and many more.

Ethiopia Grade 7 Civics Textbook

Unit 1: Democratic System 

Explain the major principles of the democratic system and identify the major contributions of Ethiopia for African countries.

  • 1.1 Principles of a Democratic System
  • 1.2 Human and Democratic Rights
  • 1.3 Tolerance in Diversity
  • 1.4 Functions of Government
  • 1.5 The Structure of the State of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
  • 1.6 Foreign Relations of Ethiopia

Unit 2: The Rule of Law

Distinguish some characteristics of the constitution and other laws. Explain the characteristics of legal protection and its importance

  • 2.1 Constitution
  • 2.2 Ethics
  • 2.3 Limits of Power
  • 2.4 Secrets
  • 2.5 Corruption

Unit 3: Equality 21

Distinguish the right for equality and equity of the Ethiopian nations, nationalities, and peoples. Explain the right for equality and equity of physically impaired people.

  • 3.1 The Right to Equality and Equity
  • 3.2 The Importance of Respecting the Equality of Language and other Cultural Aspects of Nations, Nationalities and People
  • 3.3 Gender Equality
  • 3.4 The Rights of the Disabled People
  • 3.5 The Advantages of Respecting Religious Equality

Unit 4: Justice 

State the importance of just and non-discriminatory procedures for citizens. Distinguish the judicial procedures of judicial institutions

  • 4.1 The Prevalence of Non-Discriminatory and Fair Procedures
  • 4.2 Impacts of Discriminatory Procedures
  • 4.3 Social Service Institutions
  • 4.4 Judicial Institutions at Different Levels
  • 4.5 Measures to be Taken When There are Human Rights Violations and Injustice
  • 4.6 Taxation

Unit 5: Patriotism 

Develop a modern patriotic idea in relation to the preservation of the history and culture of the country.

  • 5.1 Patriotism
  • 5.2 Destructive and Harmful Practices
  • 5.3 Policies and Strategies of Development
  • 5.4 Citizenship
  • 5.5 National

Unit 6: Responsibility 

Identify different types and levels of responsibility. Understand your responsibility to preserve natural and historical heritages

  • 6.1 Fulfilling Responsibility
  • 6.2 Promise
  • 6.3 Natural Resources and Historical Heritage
  • 6.4 HIV/AIDS

Unit 7: Industriousness 

Understand that no job should be disposed of and understand the dignity of work and the importance of using time wisely.

  • 7.1 Developing a Culture of Industriousness
  • 7.2 Idleness
  • 7.3 Professions and Professional Ethics

Unit 8: Self-Reliance

Understand the negative impacts of dependency. Explain self-awareness.

  • 8.1 Developing the Culture of Self-Reliance
  • 8.2 Recognizing Greater Performance
  • 8.3 Self-confidence

Unit 9: Saving

Describes different methods of saving. Explain the importance of planning one’s life and the habit of saving.

  • 9.1 Types of Saving
  • 9.2 The Habit of Saving
  • 9.3 Planning

Unit 10: Active Community Participation 

Understand the importance of active participation locally and nationally. Identify the roles of civil societies

  • 10.1 Active Participation in Local Affairs
  • 10.2 The Roles of Civic Societies

Unit 11: The Pursuit of Wisdom 

Develop your interest in education by understanding the importance of knowledge for development, research, and innovation.

  • 11.1 The Importance of Scientific Knowledge
  • 11.2 Sources of Information and their Utilization
  • 11.3 Backward Thinking and Boastful Sayings
  • 11.4 Reading

Ethiopian Grade 7 Civics Textbook [PDF]

Country Ethiopia
Publisher MoE, Ethiopia
Class Grade 7
Subject Civics and Ethical Education
Type Textbook
Purpose Student Text Book
Date of Uploaded June 15, 2020
Total Units 11
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