Ethiopian Grade 9 English Teacher’s Guide [PDF]

Ethiopian Grade 9 English Teacher’s Guide [PDF]: Any Ethiopian students or teachers can download the Grade 9 English Syllabus 2020 in PDF for the upcoming examination. As a matter of fact, the Grade 9 English Syllabus may help students for better examination preparation. In general, grade 9 English examination is conducted in the respective government and private schools in Ethiopian.

In grade 9 the students have 4 periods of English a week. The syllabus contains 12 units and each unit is divided into 11 periods. There should also be two revision units (each of two periods each), one at the end of each semester. This makes a total of 136 periods. The aim of the revision units is twofold. The teacher has the opportunity to recycle language and assess students against the competencies.

 Ethiopian Grade 9 English Teacher's Guide [PDF]

 Ethiopian Grade 9 English Teacher’s Guide

English has been retained in the educational system because it is vital for the economic development of Ethiopia. English is the language of wider communication across the globe in international relations, science, and technology, commerce, and trade. It is also the medium of instruction for secondary and higher education in Ethiopia.

  • Grade 9 (4 periods a week)
  • Units 1-12 11 periods (each)
  • Revision units 4 periods (in total)
  • Total periods 136

Content goals Content is both topic-based and linguistic. Topics have been chosen that are interesting and enjoyable, relevant to Ethiopian life and complementary to what students are studying in other subjects. All four language skills are developed equally and the language chosen is functional, relevant, and realistic for teenagers.

Skills For clarity of focus each unit of the syllabus is broken up into  Listening  Speaking  Reading  Writing  Additional Learning Strategies.

Download Ethiopian Grade 9 English Teacher’s Guide [PDF]

Country Ethiopia
Publisher MoE, Ethiopia
Class Grade 9
Subject English
Type Syllabus
Purpose Teacher’s Guide
Date of Uploaded 13th June 2017
Last Updated 13th June 2017
Syllabus Version 1.0
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