Ethiopian Grade 12 English Teacher Guide [PDF]

Ethiopian Grade 12 English Teacher Guide [PDF]: This is a Teacher Guide book for all English Teachers in Ethiopia. It is based on the new educational framework. It is designed by GECFDD, Ministry of Education, Addis Ababa.

In grade 12 the students have 6 periods of English a week. The syllabus contains 12 units and each unit is divided into 16 periods. There should also be two periods for revision (each of six periods each), one at the end of each semester. This makes a total of 204 periods. The aim of the revision units is twofold. The teacher has the opportunity to recycle language and assess students against the competencies.

Ethiopian Grade 12 English Teacher Guide

Ethiopian Grade 12 English Teacher Guide [PDF]

Each unit is divided into 12 periods based on a 34 week school year. Regular, short slots of language learning during the week are likely to be more effective than a longer, more concentrated slot once a week. In grades 11 and 12 students will have 6 periods of English per week. Teachers are strongly advised to look at the Grade 12 Minimum Learning Competencies for all of the four skills which also act as objectives.

  • nit 1: Family life  (16 periods)
  • Unit 2: Communication  (16 periods)
  • Unit 3: Education (16 periods)
  • Unit 4: Finding a job (16 periods)
  • Unit 5: Human development (16 periods)
  • Unit 6: Tradition versus progress (16 periods)
  • Unit 7: Future threats (16 periods)
  • Unit 8: The film industry (16 periods)
  • Unit 9: Class magazine (16 periods)
  • Unit 10: The arts and literature (16 periods)
  • Unit 11: The United Nations (16 periods)
  • Unit 12: Trade and globalization (16 periods)

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Topics, texts, vocabulary, and activities are directly linked to other school subjects and reflect the national focus on Science and Technology. In Grade 12 reading and listening, texts should almost entirely consist of authentic or semi-authentic materials.

Country Ethiopia
Publisher Curriculum Framework Development Department of the MOE
Grade Grade 12 
Subject English Teacher Guide
Type Teacher’s Guide
Purpose Teaching & Learning
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