Ethiopian Grade 12 Biology Textbook [PDF] Download

Ethiopian Grade 12 Biology Textbook [PDF] Download:  The Ethiopian Ministry of education provides the Grade 12Biology TextBook for students and teachers. Therefore candidates who can download this book in PDF may use it as a reference for their study purpose.

The curriculum framework has allotted four periods per week for grades 12 biology. Even though the academic calendar is made up of 40 weeks, the syllabus is prepared for 34 weeks ( 136 periods) creating a wider chance for teachers to use about six extra weeks for tasks of helping students that need further assistance and even for revision and student projects.

Ethiopian Grade 12 Biology Textbook

Biology is a life science that allows students to acquire knowledge and understanding about themselves and the organisms in their environment. It allows students to appreciate the harmony, contrast, and beauty of nature around them. In addition to getting a more relaxed time for activities, this also ensures that the curriculum be covered rightly in the academic year. The distribution Of periods for each unit and sub-unit Of each grade level is indicated in the table at the end of this introduction.
Ethiopian grade 12 biology textbook pdf
Table of Content
Biology Grade 12
General Objectives of Grade 12 Biology
Unit 1: Micro-organisms
  • 1.1 Bacteria
  • 1.2 Ecology and uses of bacteria
  • 1.3 Viruses
Unit 2: Ecology
  • 2.1 Cycling of matter through ecosystems
  • 2.2 Ecological succession
  • 2.3 Biomes
  • 2.4 Biodiversit
  • 2.5 Population structure and dynamics
Unit 3: Genetics
  • 3.1 Crossing principles
  • 3.2 Molecular genetics
  • 3.3 Protein synthesis
  • 3.4 Mutations

Unit 4: Evolution 

  • 4.1 The origin of life
  • 4.2 Theories of evolution
  • 4.3 Evidences of evolution
  • 4.4 The process of evolution
  • 4.5 The evolution of humans

Unit 5: Behaviour 

  • 5.1 Introduction
  • 5.2 Innate behaviour
  • 5.3 Learned behaviour
  • 5.4 Patterns of behaviour

Ethiopian Grade 12 Biology Textbook [PDF] Download

By downloading the grade 12 biology textbook, the learner will be able to use confidently scientific methods to conduct biological experiments and to investigate biological phenomena, and solve problems in a biological, technological, and environmental context.

Country Ethiopia
Publisher MoE, Ethiopia
Class Grade 12
Subject Biology
Type TextBook
Purpose Student Text Book
Date of Uploaded June 15, 2017
Last Updated June 15, 2017
TextBook Version 1.0
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