Ethiopian Grade 11 ICT TextBook For Students [Download PDF]

Ethiopian Grade 11 Information Communication Technology (ICT) Textbook For Students [Download PDF]: The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Education provides Grade 11 ICT TextBook in PDF file for students. Therefore, students do not have to buy a textbook.

All Ethiopian students from private and public schools may read this “Grade 11 ICT TextBook” for better examination purposes.

Ethiopian Grade 11 ITC TextBook For Students PDF

Ethiopian Grade 11 ICT Student TextBook

This book is written to provide excellent ICT skills for Grade 11 students of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. It is expected that the knowledge and skills gained through this book will help the students to use ICT in almost all their courses at school.

The book covers selected topics in ICT which offer hands-on activities to help students in acquiring advanced ICT skills.

Unit 1 Information Systems

  • Unit Outcomes: Students will be able to
     Know the application of ICT in different sectors;
     Understand the components of an Information System;
     Recognise the application of ICT in different sectors;
     Recognise how ICT can change the life of people.

Unit 2 Enhancing the Use of Software

  • Unit Outcome: Students will be able to
     Recognise to choose appropriate software tools to solve problems, illustrate ideas, and clarify thinking in the other subjects chosen for study in grade 11

Unit 3 Basic Troubleshooting

  • Unit Outcomes: Students will be able to
     Recognise basic idea in preventive maintenance
     Apply the knowledge gained in preventive maintenance to prolong the life of the computer
     Be aware of basic safety issues
     Recognise major hardware components inside the computer
     Acquire knowledge on how to format hard disc and install software

Unit 4 Exploiting the Internet

  • Unit Outcomes: Students will be able to
     Find specific information on the world wide web in the form of text, images or sound required to solve a problem
     Develop an awareness of web developments in making information available in different formats.

Unit 5 Image Processing and Multimedia Systems

  • Unit Outcomes: Students will be able to
     Understand the concept of image processing.
     Differentiate image file format.
     Recognize the function of image processing software.
     Recognize Interface layout of Image processing software
     Edit images properly using image processing software.

Ethiopian Grade 11 ICT TextBook [Download PDF]

By learning this ICT Textbook, will enhance the knowledge gained during the studies in earlier grades for application of ICT in word processing, presentation software, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, and database management.

Country Ethiopia
Publisher MoE, Ethiopia
Class Grade 11
Subject Information Communication Technology (ICT)
Type TextBook
Purpose Student Textbook
Date of Uploaded June 15, 2017
Last Updated June 15, 2017
TextBook Version 1.0
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