Ethiopian Grade 10 Civics Textbook For Students [PDF]

Ethiopian Grade 10 Civics Textbook For Students [PDF]: Download the grade 10 Civics and Ethical Education Student Textbook for free. This book is provided by MoE Ethiopia.

This book is written for students studying Civics and Ethical Education in Grade 10. It will guide you through the 11 values with readings, case studies, questions, and illustrations to support the text. Each unit begins with an introduction and states the lessons and the outcomes. It also provides a list of the keywords and concepts you will meet in the unit.

Ethiopian Grade 10 Civics Student Textbook-PDF

Ethiopian Grade 10 Civics and Ethical Education Textbook

At the end of each unit, there is a summary of what you have read. There is also a glossary of some terms or words which you have been introduced to in the unit. Finally, there are unit review exercises to enable you to test your knowledge and understanding of the unit content.

Unit 1: Building a Democratic System 

  • 1. Principles and Values of a Democratic System
  • 2. Rights
  • 3. Obligations
  • 4. Tolerance
  • 5. The State in Ethiopia
  • 6. Federalism in Ethiopia
  • 7. Ethiopia’s Foreign Relations

Unit 2: Rule of Law 

  • 1. Constitution as a Source of Rule of Law
  • 2. Understanding the Rule of Law
  • 3. Rule of Law as an Instrument to Limit the Political Power of the Government
  • 4. Breakdown of Rule of Law

Unit 3: Equality

  • 1. The Concept of Equality
  • 2. The Effects of Equality of Citizens
  • 3. Gender Equality
  • 4. Equality of Cultures

Unit 4: Justice

  • 1. The Effects of Lack of Justice
  • 2. Equal Provision of Social Services
  • 3. Categories of Justice
  • 4. Organization and Functions of the Judiciary
  • 5. Equity of Taxation

Unit 5: Patriotism

  • 1. Requirements to Increase Patriotism
  • 2. Patriotism and the Common Good
  • 3. Patriotism  and Poverty Reduction
  • 4. Voluntarism

Unit 6: Responsibility 

  • 1. A Citizen’s Duties 91
  • 2. Taking the Consequences of your Actions 94
  • 3. National Responsibility 98
  • 4. Responsibilities for the Protection of our Natural Resources and Cultural Heritage 100
  • 5. Creating a Common Front Against HIV/AIDS

Unit 7: Industriousness

  • 1. Work and Well-being
  • 2. The Importance of Good Work Habits
  • 3. Choice of Economic Systems
  • 4. Improving your Work Skills

Unit 8: Self-reliance 

  • 1. Examples of Self-reliance
  • 2. Examples of Dependency
  • 3. Self-reliance and Decision-making

Unit 9: Saving 

  • 1. Traditional Practices which Affect our Saving Habits
  • 2. Managing the Family Budget
  • 3. The Need to Set your Goals and Plan your Saving
  • 4. Choosing a Career

Unit 10: Active Community Participation 

  • 1. Levels of Community Participation
  • 2. Types and Roles of Civic Societies

Unit 11: The Pursuit of Wisdom 

  • 1. The Relationship between Knowledge and Wisdom
  • 2. The Three Fundamental Forms of Knowledge
  • 3. Use of Information
  • 4. Knowledge and the Habit of Reading
  • 5. Truthfulness

Download Ethiopian Grade 10 Student Civics Textbook [PDF]:

This Civics and Ethical Education textbook is just one resource that you and your fellow students will use to learn about Civics and Ethical Education at this level. Information to support this book will be located with your teacher, on the Plasma programs, in other books and documents, and with people in your communities.

Country Ethiopia
Publisher MoE, Ethiopia
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