Mekdela Amba University

Mekdela Amba University, in its acronym (MaU), was established as a result of the Ethiopian government’s endeavor towards realizing the country’s renaissance through educating the generation. It is one of the eleventh newly established public higher learning institutes.

The Mekdela Amba University is enrolling 1500 students in regular and more than 1200 students in a weekend, summer and evening programs in different disciplines under the various faculties.

Mekdela Amba University

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Vision of MAU

 Mekdela Amba University aspires to be the best university in Ethiopia by 2025.


Mission of MAU

 Producing efficient graduates by offering research assisted quality education.
 Undertaking a problem solving research based on national need and benefiting the community with the outcome.
 Offering government and community centered training, consultancy service, transferring technology and undertaking innovation.


 Shared vision
 Excellence
 Quality service
 Diversity
 Professionalism
 Equality
 Effectiveness
 Democracy
 Gender equality
 Sustainability
 Participatory
 Transparency

The most powerful explanation of the establishment of several Universities is the government`s commitment towards the expansion of higher education as well as ensuring a reasonable distribution of higher education across the country. Mekdela Amba University is one of the 11 universities opened in the second GTP under the decision of the council of ministers and recognized as “Mekdela Amba University” as per the Council of MinistersRegulation No. 355/2015’’ in November 2015.


Mekdela Amba University is established in Amhara Regional State, South Wollo Zone having two campuses at Tulu Awlya and MekaneSelamtowns. The main campus is at Tulu Awlya town located at 480kms northfrom Addis Ababa,and 80km west from Dessie town the capital of South Wollo Zone.


The University was inaugurated on March, 2015 G.C by His ExcellencyAtoDemekeMekonen, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Construction of the university is underway on a total land area of 354 hectares (220 hectares at Tulu Awlya town and 134hectares at MekaneSelam town).

Mekdela Amba University is established as an autonomous higher education public institution having its own legal personality and is accountable to the Ministry of Education. The University is governed by the Higher Education Proclamation No. 650/2009 and the Federal Universities Council of Ministers Regulation No. 210/2011.


The university will execute its mandate (teaching, research and community service) having 122 academic and 120 administrative staffs in 2010 admitting 1500 students in four bands: Band 2 (Natural Sciences), Band 4 (Agriculture), Band 5 (Business and Economics) and Band6 (Social Science). The 1500 students will be assigned to18 departments. Its intake capacity will grow 7,000-10,000 students by the year 2020 E.C.

Colleges & Departments

1. Natural and Computational Science

  • Department of Biology
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Computer Science

2. Agricultural and Resource Development

  • Department of Plant Sciences
  • Department of Animal Sciences
  • Department of Agricultural Economics
  • Department of Horticulture
  • Department of Soil Resources and Watershed Management
  • Department of Natural Resource Management
  • Agricultural and Resource Development