Ethiopian Grade 12 Civics TextBook [PDF] For Students

Ethiopian Grade 12 Civics TextBook [PDF]: Free Download for Ethiopia Grade 12 civics and ethical education textbook Students. This textbook is provided by MoE, Ethiopia. Besides, teachers, parents may also use it for teaching purposes in-home or private tuition.

This Ethiopian Grade 12 Civics and Ethical Education TextBook content is designed by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Education. It consists of 11 Units and having a total of 150 pages and each unit contains subunits.

Ethiopian Grade 12 Civics Student Textbook-PDF


Ethiopian Grade 12 Civics Students TextBook

This book is written for students studying Civics and Ethical Education in Grade 12. It will guide you through the 11 values with readings, case studies, questions, and illustrations to support the text. Each unit begins with an introduction and states the lessons and the outcomes. It also provides a list of the keywords and concepts you will meet in the unit.

Content of Civics and Ethical Education

Unit 1: Building a Democratic System 

  • 1. The Necessity o 1. f a Democratic System
  • 2. Authority and Power
  • 3. Constitutional Rights versus Constitutional Obligations
  • 4. State Power Distribution in Ethiopia 1
  • 5. Ethiopian Foreign Relations

Unit 2: Rule of Law 

  • 1. Constitution and Other Laws
  • 2. Rule of Law and Management of Conflict
  • 3. Rule of Law and Governments
  • 4. Rule of Law and the Fight against Corruption

Unit 3: Equality

  • 1. The History of the Ethiopian Peoples’ Struggle against Oppression
  • 2. Conflict of Interests
  • 3. Equality and the Notion of Affirmative Action
  • 4. Unity in Diversity

Unit 4: Justice 

  • 1. Equity of Benefits and Burdens
  • 2. Justice and the Judiciary
  • 3. Crime and Justice
  • 4. Justice in Taxation

Unit 5: Patriotism 

  • 1. The Quality of a Patriot
  • 2. Ethiopian History in an International Perspective
  • 3. The Duties of a Patriot Citizen
  • 4. Concern for the International Community

Unit 6: Responsibility 

  • 1. Shouldering and Executing Responsibility
  • 2. Costs of Fulfilling Responsibility on Individuals
  • 3. Fulfilling Promises to Promote Understanding in the International Arena
  • 4. Co-operation among Nations for Mutual Benefits
  • 5. The Severity of HIV/AIDS as a Global Pandemic

Unit 7: Industriousness 

  • 1. Work as Human Necessity
  • 2. Factors Determining the World of Work
  • 3. Work in an International Perspective

Unit 8: Self-Reliance 

  • 1. Self-Reliance
  • 2. Dependency 1
  • 3. Self-reliance and Morally Sound Decision-making Capacity

Unit 9: Saving 

  • 1. Methods of Saving
  • 2. Regulating the National Economy on Realistic International Principles
  • 3. Types of Economy
  • 4. Money and Capita

Unit 10: Active Community Participation

  • 1. Effective Leadership for Active Participation
  • 2. Civic Participation

Unit 11: The Pursuit of Wisdom 

  • 1. Knowledge
  • 2. Information as a Source of Knowledge
  • 3. Developing Reading Habit

Download Ethiopian Grade 12 Civics and Ethical Textbook [PDF]

This Civics and Ethical book is just one resource that you and your fellow students will use to learn about Civics and Ethical Education at this level. Each lesson has at least one set of questions linked to a reading or a case study. Look for the red question marks.

Country Ethiopia
Publisher MoE, Ethiopia
Class Grade 12
Subject  Civics and Ethical Education
Type TextBook
Group Common Courses TextBooks
Total Units 11
Total Pages 150
TextBook Version 1.0
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