Ethiopian Grade 11 Physical Education TextBook [PDF]

Ethiopian Grade 11 Physical Education TextBook: It is a common subject for both Social Science and Natural Science students. In grade 11 students Physical Education is a compulsory subject for everyone. However, the Ethiopian Ministry of education provides the Grade 11 Physical Education Textbook for students. Students can download the Grade 11 Physical Education in a PDF file for academic study purposes.

Download Ethiopian Grade 11 Physical Education TextBook [PDF]

Grade 11 Physical Education TextBook

Physical activity and sport are very important and play vital roles in the lives of many Papua New Guineans. Sports and sporting events have the potential and power to unite Papua New Guineans together as one people and one nation, despite their diverse cultures and backgrounds.

The contents of the subject should enable the students to:

  • know how to maintain a satisfactory level of fitness
  • possess the adequate skills needed to perform a wide variety of adult recreational activities.
  • understand the meaning of movement and serves to introduce, with principle, theories, basic concepts and skills
  • lay firm foundations for further studies at the tertiary level. Areas of focus of the curriculum
     directed activities
     games, contests and athletics
     rhythmic activities
     cultural sports

Download Ethiopian Grade 11 Physical Education TextBook [PDF]

This document presents standards for Physical Education teachers in second cycles of secondary education, i.e., grades 11-12 respectively. The standards are designed on the basis of a framework provided in Generic Standards, alias, National Professional Standards for Teachers of Ethiopia.

Country Ethiopia
Publisher MoE, Ethiopia
Class Grade 11
Subject Physical Education
Type Standard Physical Education Teachers
Purpose Student & Teacher Reference
Date of Uploaded June 15, 2017
Last Updated June 15, 2017
TextBook Version 1.0
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