Grade 11 English Teachers Guide Book & Syllabus PDF Ethiopia

Grade 11 English Teachers Guide Book & Syllabus PDF for Ethiopian students and teachers. This teacher guide provides information about how to teach Grade 11 English in the classroom. Teachers from any Government or private schools in Ethiopia can easily download the Grade 11 English Teacher’s Guide Book PDF file.

Grade 11 English Teachers Guide Book

Grade 11 English Teachers Guide Book

In grade 11 the students have 6 periods of English a week. The syllabus contains 12 units and each unit is divided into 16 periods. There should also be 12 periods for revision (each of six periods each), one at the end of each semester. This makes a total of 204 periods. The aim of the revision units is twofold. The teacher has the opportunity to recycle language and assess students against the competencies.

  • Grade 11 (6 periods a week)
  • Units 1-12 16 periods (each)
  • Revision 12 periods (in total)
  • Total periods 204

Each grade is broken up into a number of units based around a topic. Competencies in language and skills are built up within a topic as topics or related issues recur a number of times throughout the 4 grades of secondary.

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Teachers should recycle grammar, vocabulary and social expressions as much as possible. This can be done through speaking activities, games, tests etc. at the beginning and end of lessons.

Country Ethiopia
Publisher MoE, Ethiopia
Class Grade 11
Subject English
Type Syllabus
Purpose Teachers Guide Book
Date of Uploaded 13th June 2017
Last Updated 13th June 2017
Syllabus Version 1.0
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