Ethiopian Grade 10 Geography Textbook for Students [Download PDF]

Ethiopian Grade 10 Geography Textbook for Students [Download PDF]: This is a textbook provided by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Education. It is based on the newly revised Ethiopian educational framework.

The Grade 10 Geography Student Textbook has a total of 4 units and each unit has subunits. After the end of every unit, there is unit summary and review exercise for students. As a matter of fact, this will help all students to prepare their national examination.

Ethiopian Grade 10 Geography Student Textbook

Ethiopian Grade 10 Geography Student Textbook

Students have a general knowledge of geography that enable them to understand their natural and social environment Students are an active participant in social and cultural development Of their country and Environmental protection Students play a healthy role in the interaction between human and natural environments Students communicate with people using maps. Students can be capable to continue technical training and prepare for a further academic carrier using their geographical knowledge as a base.

Unit 1: Map Reading

  • 1.1 Direction On Maps
  • 1.2 Position On Maps
  • 1.3 Map Enlargement And Reduction
  • 1.4 Relief On Maps

Unit 2: Physical Environment Of The World And Ethiopia 

  • 2.1 The Earth In The Universe
  • 2.2 Climate
  • 2.3 Climate Of Ethiopia
  • 2.4 Ecosystem

Unit 3: World Population

  • 3.1 Size And Trend Of World Population Growth
  • 3.2 Components Of Population Chang
  • 3.3 Population Structure
  • 3.4 Spatial Distribution Of World Population
  • 3.5 Population Of Ethiopia

Unit 4: Economic System And Development

  • 4.1 Types Of Economic System
  • 4.2 Sustainable Economic Development
  • 4.3 Economic Organization Of The World

Ethiopian Grade 10 Geography Textbook [Download PDF]

After completing the grade 10 Geography Textbook the students will be able to develop understanding and acquire knowledge of and the use of the magnetic compass and Geographical grid origin of Ethiopia.

Country Ethiopia
Publisher MoE, Ethiopia
Class Grade 10
Subject Grade 10 Geography
Type TextBook
Group General System
Total Units 04
Total Pages 224
TextBook Version 1.0
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