COC Exam in Ethiopia 2024: Certificate of Competency

Certificate of Competency (COC) Exam 2024 in Ethiopia. Check COC registration process, exam date and how to apply for COC examination.

COC Exam 2020

What is the COC Exam in Ethiopia?

COC stands for Certificate of Competency. COC is a course where experts are getting trained under the regulatory body. This Training/workshop was conducted by the Regional Assessment and certification agencies. There are a total of Six courses in the Certificate of Competency. COC is a station for the national licensing examinations.

The first COC center in Gambella Region, increasing access to health workers in hard-to-reach areas. The National Health Professionals Competency Assessment and Licensure Directorate (NHPCALD) is established in the Ministry of Health. This board is responsible for conducting COC examinations for Medicine, Health Officer, Nursing, Midwifery, and Anesthesia graduates.

Even though a Certification of Competency (COC) examination was in place for vocational training programs, under-sampling of contents, poor quality of items, rater bias, and lack of standardization affected its validity and reliability

COC Exam Pattern

The directorate uses a standardized assessment process which includes written examination in the form of multiple-choice questions (MCQ) and practical assessment in the form of objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)

  • Number of Courses: 6
  • Course Duration: 3 to 6 months
  • Open for Foreign National = Yes

COC Certificate

Once a candidate has passed a licensing examination, the directorate will grant a license, thus assuring the public that the licensee is minimally qualified to practice at the time of initial licensure and re-licensure.

COC Examination Time

In general, the COC Examinations are held in the month of June/July every year. The first-ever Health Professional Licensing Examinations were held from July 8 to July 16, 2019.

COC Registration Process

For Registration and licensure of New professionals.

  • 1. Educational documents from University
  • (Other documents such as deployment letter Internship assessments for Junior medical doctors and dental surgeons).
  • 2. Professionals who have completed their post-graduate studies are required to present their Senate approval list, a letter from their sponsoring institution detailing their commitments and regarding the provision of registration or license)
  • 3. Photograph
  • 4. Filling the application form
  • 5. Fee for a new license.


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    Sudan Road (Goma kuteba)
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia P.O.BOX 1234
    +251 11 551 8031